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Multivekst AS was established in Norway in 2002. Since then we have been dedicated to the temporary work sector, recruiting professionals from Eastern Europe to work in southern Norway with great success!

Over the last years we have seen a strong increase in the demand for qualified personnel in the health sector in Norway. Therefore we have decided to start a recruitment consept in Spain.


Our Vision is to build ethical recruitment partnerships based on trust, integrity and honesty.


Multivekst AS

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Bilde av Øyvind Westermoen
Øyvind Westermoen
Managing Director

+47 90651270

Bilde av Alexia Nicole Czahar
Alexia Nicole Czahar
Recruitment Coordinator

626 242 534

Bilde av Ole Øyvind Forberg
Ole Øyvind Forberg
Sale manager

+47 90737338

Bilde av Eva Fernandez
Eva Fernandez
Academically coordinator in Norway

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